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Soft Logic deals in website development as well as software development. We develop the websites with quality design and development. Not only we develop websites loaded with html,html5,css,css3,jquery,flash,etc but we also keep track of the latest technologies on the web. We use php for server side work or web-based softwares. We also deal in development of application softwares as needed by a client.

  • php security
    PHP Security

    When offering an Internet service, you must always keep security in mind as you develop your code. It may appear that most PHP scripts aren’t sensitive to security concerns; this is mainly due to the large number of inexperienced programmers working in the language. However, there is no reason for you to have an inconsistent […]

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  • HTML5 Web Storage
    HTML5 Web Storage

    The issue of storing data in the browser has traditionally been solved by using HTTP cookies. Here, we will study about how to use Web Storage, another technology born out of the HTML5 movement, to achieve some of the same functionality. Storing Data with Web Storage Web Storage is often lumped in with other technologies […]

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  • Audio-Gallery
    Audio Gallery Suite

    View the most updated version of the article @ CODEPROJECT Description Audio-Gallery-Suite is a complete audio gallery suite/solution that includes a web audio gallery and a software for managing playlists, uploading audios and managing the web audio gallery. The Audio-Gallery-Suite is built up using the latest technology and harnesses their power to put up a […]

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